Do you want to save your WhatsApp chats, media, and call logs from being erased when you replace this boring messenger with an attractive yowhatsapp? Data loss is the most common problem when you Transfer WhatsApp Data to YoWhatsApp and shifting from official WhatsApp to official Yo WhatsApp. YoWhatsapp mod apk is a modified version of WhatsApp that attracts people with its stunning features. Before switching apps, first know how to transfer WhatsApp data, i.e., messages, chats, and media, to the newly installed Yo WhatsApp to protect against potential data loss. Here is how to do it.

Previous WhatsApp data perseverance is beneficial in many ways, for example, WhatsApp conversations are readily important in business to maintain records as proof. Media files, such as pictures, and videos, are also important to keep memories saved, for a lifetime. To do this while replacing your WhatsApp with the latest YoWA, follow these simple steps.

Transfer WhatsApp Data to YoWhatsApp

Transfer WhatsApp Data to YoWhatsApp
Transfer WhatsApp Data to YoWhatsApp

Backup WhatsApp Data

To access your previous chats and media on YoWhatsApp, you must back up all types of data in your phone’s internal storage. This is how you can back up WhatsApp conversations so that your messages won’t lost. Tap on the  WhatsApp app, navigate to settings,” locate chats, find “chat backup,” and click on it to back up your data. The waiting time depends on the size of the data that is to be backed up.

Copy WhatsApp Data to YoWhatsApp

  1. Navigate the phone’s internal storage and locate the folder named WhatsApp.”  Tap on it to open and copy all the subfolders inside the folder, including media, backup, and database. This is the place where all the WhatsApp data is backed up. 
  2. Create a folder in the File Manager and rename it as Yo WhatsApp, Paste all the data (you have copied) into this folder.
  3. Replace WhatsApp with YowhatsApp in all the subfolders, such as WhatsApp Media with YowhatsApp Media.

Uninstall WhatsApp

Now it’s time to get rid of WhatsApp, Uninstall WhatsApp now.

Though the WhatsApp application is uninstalled, backup data is still available on the phone, so there is no need to worry about it.

Download and Install Yo WhatsApp’s Latest Version

Visit our official website to download the latest version of YoWhatsApp on your Android phone. Download from the link available on the website by following the instructions on how to download and install YoWhatsApp.

Restore WhatsApp Data to YoWhatsApp

The final step after completion of the installation of Yo WhatsApp is how to transfer WhatsApp chats to YoWhatsApp.

  • Soon after the configuration of the WhatsApp Yo account and verification of the mobile number, YoWhatsApp will find the backup in the folder.
  • Click on the restore button and wait for the 100 % completion of the YoWhatsApp backup process.

Now the transfer of WhatsApp data to YoWhatsApp is complete. Recheck if your potential data is complete and not erased or missing.


This is the complete process of How to transfer your Whatsapp Data to the newly installed YoWhatsapp. Most people want to preserve memories and want to retract the interaction they have left, for this, it is necessary to keep your chats saved. On the side shifting from WhatsApp to WhatsApp is the best decision when it comes to feature battle, privacy policy, security, and customization options. You are luckiest to visiting our official website which is first one to update all its data.

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